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Seedspark Insider: Why ‘Today We Learned’?

Monday, March 09, 2015 Previous
Why today we learned

When we made the decision to award RAC Seedspark first prize to Today We Learned, we knew that co-founders, Jason O’Neil and Aaron Gregory had tapped into something big.

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Seedspark Insider: Why ‘Today We Learned’?

When we made the decision to award RAC Seedspark first prize to Today We Learned, we knew that co-founders, Jason O’Neil and Aaron Gregory had tapped into something big.

Just a few months later, emerging from Seedspark’s accelerator program with $25,000 in seed funds, Jason and Aaron have recently announced that ‘Today We Learned’ is now live across six WA schools, including Coondaup College and Challis Primary. The app will soon be available for wide scale adoption.

For those new to the app, ‘Today We Learned’ is a parent engagement app that allows teachers to fill out an update in as little as 60 seconds by simply finishing the sentences, “Today we learned…”, “Ask your child…” and “Don’t Forget”. The messages are delivered directly to parent’s phones or emails to help bring learning conversations into the home.

This fantastic achievement by Jason and Aaron is a testament to the vision and execution they demonstrated throughout the Seedspark judging process. ‘Today We Learned’ have set a very high standard for Seedspark which we hope will inspire future applications.

So… what makes a winning entry, you ask?

We thought we’d share some of our judging notes on ‘Today We Learned’:

RAC Theme: Seedspark entries have to be aligned in some way with RACs overarching themes: Road Safety; WA to WA tourism; Child & Youth; Motoring; and For the better WA. ‘Today We Learned’ fit nicely in the Child & Youth category, as well as For the better WA. Both represented a very positive message for RAC.

RAC Leverage: A winning Seedspark entry is one that can benefit from leveraging RAC resources, member base or network. ‘Today We Learned’ has an opportunity to work with RACs Road Safety community education program to reach WA classrooms.

Research, Execution and Business Model: Like all investors, Seedspark judges need to see a viable business model, supported by evidence of extensive customer and market opportunity validation, executed by a skilled team. Co-Founders Jason (Technical) and Aaron (Deputy Principal) not only make a strong team, they had built the foundation of a solid business model, showing enormous potential with its 4-week trial in Term 4, last year.

Think you’ve got what it takes to apply? Stay tuned for 2015 program details.

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